" Sale Marino" Restaurant


Healthy and delicious is the best description of our menu at Hotel Terme Marine Restaurant.
Our restaurant ‘Sale Marino’ presents truly traditional Tuscan and Maremma cuisine, expressly home made with top quality fresh local products and ingredients.

Our in-house Chef Sandra and Sous Chef Fabrizio, praise themselves in making the best of popular Maremma recipes as well as creating new versions of Italian classic dishes with a personal twist to present unique tastes to our guests. They are also always glad to customise the menu for any kind special dietary needs on request. All our ingredients come from local producers and are delivered daily to provide fresh, seasonal and quality plates from starters to the desserts including breads and pastries which are also always home made. Moreover, our wine list offers a premium selection of the best DOC and DOCG wine from Tuscany and Maremma’s wineries.

Conceived to nurture all the senses whilst giving moments of real pleasure to our customer at any meal, our restaurant is elegantly located on the poolside, making it a luxurious oasis where the pleasure of eating is accompanied with the well being and the philosophy of loving and healing your body through food.ng bathe. Thanks to the gradually descending steps, it will be a pleasure to slowly emerge yourself.

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